Hvordan man slet en System Entry?

From the modul project standard, on employeer  a travel expenses has been approved and booked by employee, by mistake.

Entry is posted as System Entry in acounting, and cannot be see in the Daglig Entry, cannot be deleted from the Project / employees/ Expenses module.

Cannot be reversed as normal entry, and cannot be delete, there is no option above or on the right side of the lines.

In the project module: the employee has an expense line approved that should be reversed. How can be deleted/reversed?

In bookeeping the Entry cannot be reversed/deleted, which is the procedure to reverse a System Entry and having all the modules restored as before the approval?
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Hi Vivianne smiley


Thank you for your post.


You are completely right that it's not possible to delete system entrys, the only way to reverse a travel expense approved and booked is to approve and book a travel expense which is exactly opposite of the one you already booked via the Project tab.


Hope that helps you, otherwise don't hesitate to contact our support. smiley


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