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Hi. I would wish that e-conomic will allow longer time for the system before it logs out time between the last session and

the time that I try to continue work. Usually the Logout time is around 30-45 min. and it's too short. I need to log-on again

and it's too short. Can you make it to 2 hours maybe?
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Thank you for the topic and suggestion


I understand what you mean. We try to make e-conomic as safe as possible. the feature is the same on many online banks. You will get kicked/logged off if you don’t use system or are inactive for a while about 30-45 min. 

I don’t believe this is something that we will change, because of the safety.


Hope all this make sense, If there is something else please don’t hesitate to write me back :-)

Have a nice day



Peter Friis

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