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No rebates on specific items


I also join the suggestion to create a category of items which we don't give a rebate for.

We have also many dealers who get different types of discounts but for post charges, driving,

hours etc. there should be no discount. It whould be a good idea if E-conomic will make the

program ready for that. Then we can choose the specific items which are not for discount.
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I just spoke to one of your people on the phone and he said it's very difficult to

fix this "no discount" issue I have to do this manually for every customer and for every rebate type. we have the "lager" module. can you contact me on that?

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It's already possible if you have the stock module. Not that you should choose to get it, if that's the only need you have for stock.

But this means, that we will not be implementing this function unfortunately.

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