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It will be great to be able to have a bank account in EUROs.  Many danish banks offer EURO accounts to businesses.   They are very convienent for danish companies that do business with European vendors and customers.  

Since e-conomic does not allow accounts in other currencies it causes quite a few problems. 

  1. The Bank reconciliation function cannot be used.  This makes it difficult to reconcile between the bank and what is stated in e-conomic.  
  2. Reports including assets, i.e. Balance Sheet, are inaccurate due to the following items.   This then requires us to make adjustments  for the differences so the reports are accurate. These adjustments could be easily avoided if the account could be in the same currency as the bank
  3. Since all postings (journal entries) are converted to DKK, the account in e-conomic states the DKK value at the time of the journal entry.  However, the asset is still in the bank in EUR.  This causes the amount in e-conomic to be off from the bank due to currency fluctuation 
  4. The bank exchange rate and the exchange rate in e-conomic never match, so this increases the difference in the stated amounts in e-conomic vs the bank
Look forward to knowing if this is also an issue for other companies and I hope it is something that can be added to the development list.
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Hello and thanks for the request, 

The bank reconciliation in other currencies is a request we have heard before. I have tried to look at the opportunities for implementing it a couple of times. I agree that it would be great to have this. Unfortunately, we have not found the resources to build it yet. 

I'm not a developer but I have talked to the right people internally quite a few times and it is a big task for us. I think everybody agrees that it would make sense to build. It is simply a matter of priorities. 
If we decide to go for this it would be one of the biggest tasks in the next periods we are planning for. That does not make it impossible at all - but it is not something we can just build when we find an open space. 

Therefore it becomes a bit harder to get the features trough. Never the less I believe it is a good request and I have it top of mind. I will try to see how the possibilities are in the future for building this - but I will also be honest about the chances at the moment. It is not planned yet, which means you should not expect it any time soon.

Thanks a lot for your request. I will get back to you if there is anything new in this case. 

Have a great weekend smiley


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Jesper Mieritz

Knowledge Manager, Planet WOW




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