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How to speed up web page loading time?


I have tried the following things to speed up my personal website.


Minify and combine files, Reduce image sizes, Select a good hosting provider.
I have already installed the caching plugin. I have disabled. Inactive Plugins.
Minify JavaScript and CSS Files.

Doing all these things still. I am facing speed issues and I do not know if I change my hosting provider or still I have to do some changes in my website to speed up. I have discussed this in different forums and they suggested that I change the hosting provider and recommend these hosting providers.

Ecommerce Hosting

Anyone tell me about these hosting providers whether they experience their services? Også, ombytteren hostingleverandøren vil løse mit problem eller der er noget nemt at jeg kan gøre, fordi at ændre hosting er et stort problem for mig.

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