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Momsopgorelse display with dimensions

Hello guys,

could you implement in the future an option where an user is able to display VAT statement for a period with split on dimension?

thank you
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Hi Stephen

Interesting suggestion. Let me hear a bit more. How would it help you to split the VAT statement into dimensions? As far as I know you always have to report the full amount for your company to SKAT no matter how many dimensions you divide your finances into.
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Hello Tabita,

not exactly, I have a client that depending on dimension got different VAT statement deadlines (two different register numbers). That's the case where splitting dimensions would be helpful for me.

Thank you
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Sorry for the late reply - if you comment instead of reply I dont get a notification of your reply :(

So you client has two different VAT deadlines in the same company - two deadlines for one CVR number?

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Hello Tabita,

I have a client with two separate VAT numbers that means; CVR and SE number. Only "saldobalance" module I can differ them by dimension. In "momsopgorelse" module I see holistically VAT amounts for both of them.

I see, legally speaking e-conomic views companies with SE and CVR numbers as separate entities, that must have separate accounts. 

See further explaination here.

I you want to continue having only one agreement and separate your companies by dimension you have to calculate the VAT from the numbers in "Saldobalancen".

thank you for your explanation. now it's clear for me.
Good to hear. Please contact us again if you need assistance in other matters.

Have a great weekend.