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I would love to have the possibility to have an internal approval flow for bookings. This means having different user rights. I would like to the possibility to have the CFO and Finance Manager approve and book entries created in the journals. And other user (for example consultants, finance student assistant) only be able to create and import bookings. I though this would be possible by changing the approval to 'Yes' for each journal, however I learned that only administrators (which are in e-conomic wording only registered administrators like EY, Deloitte, etc) can approve the payments.
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Hello and thank you for your suggestion.

As how the system is now, there is an approval flow in our extra module smart inbox, where you can choose aproval on the invoice that have been send to the smart inbox. You can read about this here:

It is a very simple flow as of right now, and we are looking in to what we should do in the futere. As of now though this is what we got in e-conomic :-)

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