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How can I run a report of amounts invoiced by depatment code?



We use department codes on most sales invoices.  We would like to run a report on amounts Invoiced breaking down the invoiced amount by department dimension.

1.     Cannot do it by searching on Sales > invoicing > Archive, because Department is kept at invoice line level, not invoice header level.

2.     Cannot do it by Reports > Customers > Turnover Statistics as I get the totals but not the line by line, invoice, by invoice, detail.

3.     Cannot do it by Accounting > Searches & Lists > Find entries, because department selection not an option.

4.     Can sort of do it by running an Export and then analysis in Excel, but takes 5 mins+ each time.

Have we missed something?  Is this something others would want?  Our preference would be 3. Add department code as a selection criteria;  2. Add an option to see Invoice header details.



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Hi Stephen

Thank you for your forum post and question.

I see one additional way, you might be able to put to good use.
Going in Reports > Ledger cards > For all or one of your revenue accounts, bounded by department number and dates.
This report will show you entries/invoices line by line, and department numbers on the entries.

Otherwise you can export the data to Excel as you mentioned, where we could sort and analyse it, but it seems that you know that workaround and it is not a solution for you.

I would appreciate if you could get back to me, with your thoughts about this solution.

Kind regards

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Lauris Sørensen

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Yes I had seen the Ledger Card solution, but I did not like it so much as I was hoping for a listing of invoices (i.e. in invoice order), whereas the Ledger Card report has the invoices split into the related Ledger Account.

However in the absence of any other report that shows this data without any further drilldown, I think the Ledger Card is my best solution.  It also allows me to click and view the invoice in case I need further details which is useful sometimes.

Thanks for the reply.