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New squares (fields) in invoice, which can be displayed as columns in list from Archive

Hello team,

could you please advise if it is possible to add additional fields in Invoice - the same as we have now Other ref. ?

I need to have couple more columns in list of invoices exported from Archive to excel.

When I export list of invoices to excel, I see that there is a field for Quote/Order, which is always empty. Does it fill automatically only if I convert order to invoice?

Thanks in advance.
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I just tried to export invoices from my start up test agreement, and I get order numers in the order column.

Is it possible that you could give me access to your agreement ? Then I could try to see why you get empty columns in that field.

You click on the orange wheel and all settings and to the left you click on Administrators. In the right top corner you will se a seach field, where you type my number 1150858 and click on the little man with the tick and click OK. Then I can see your agreement.

Please just write here, when it is OK, then I will have a look

Have a nice weekend

Venlig hilsen/Best regards


Susan Jensen

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Hi Susan,

thank you for swift reply. I've just added you to administrators :)

Hej Susan

Det ville gøre dette forum meget mere brugbart, hvis I/du efterfølgende skrev om problemet blev løst og i så fald hvordan!

På forhånd Tak

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